Cyber Forensics

The need for the service

In our technologically advanced age we all leave our footprints in cyber space.

Cyber Forensics entails the detection of evidence from any electronic communication media translating binary data into electronic evidence in support of legal proceedings. Its main aim is to ensure that such electronic evidence collected should be able to withstand legal scrutiny (in a court of law, if so required).

Our Cyber Crime specialists have the necessary experience and expertise to compliment Nexus Forensics’ fraud deterrence services, providing our clients with a seamless and holistic solution.

Cyber Forensics may serve many different purposes from risk management, civil litigation, criminal prosecution and disciplinary action.

We use state of the art forensic hardware and software to extract, preserve and analyze this invaluable evidence. The hardware and software used by our experts comply with international legal standards on, inter alia, E-discovery (we use the internationally acclaimed and trademarked Intella software to analyse data); to provide assurance that the evidence obtained will be admissible in any legal forum.

Scope of our service offering

Our Cyber Crime service offerings include:

  • Quick reaction and incidence response for security breaches and time critical investigations;
  • Digital evidence recovery, preservation and analysis from computer and communications systems;
  • Technical support in the full process of a forensic investigation from legal document drafting, search and seizure; analysis, reporting and expert witness testimony; and
  • Data recovery services as well as incident recovery support.
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