Forensic Data Analysis

A growing number of organizations are using business intelligence applications and technologies or business analytics in order to make more informed business decisions and optimise their business processes. When electronic information is used from various sources rather than “gut feel” business decisions, it enables the company to make accurate conclusions and strategic decisions to increase their competitive edge.

Scope of our service

Analysis of the right data by forensic experts is invaluable in:

  • The detection of red flags for fraud, corruption, theft, dishonesty and misconduct in the work place
  • The identification of system and control weaknesses that may result in losses, to enable more effective prevention of fraud, corruption, theft, dishonesty and misconduct; and
  • Collecting evidence to prove fraud, corruption, theft, dishonesty and misconduct.

That is what we do, and how we use forensic data analysis.

We use sophisticated data-collection technology and analysis to wring every last drop of value from all your business processes. Our analysts possess top-notch quantitative analysis skills which allow us to express complex ideas in simple terms, and to interact productively with decision makers.

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