Forensic Health Checks

The need for the service

The make-up, expertise and blend of intellectual capital within an internal forensic unit of a public or private entity are determined by the required outputs of that unit. In turn, the required outputs are determined by inter alia the statutory and regulatory framework, organizational components and a number of additional factors that may relate to the particular industry or service offering of the organization. As an example, if the unit is expected to provide legal support, then the staffing of the unit must be competently skilled in the legal environment of that entity.

Scope of our service offering

Our services in this area include the assessment of inherent intellectual capital, skills, human resources, etc that are existent within the unit and compare these against the required outputs and deliverables of the unit. We thereafter perform a gap analysis in which recommendations in the form of the skilled resources are made, the intellectual capital required etc. For instance, outputs may require forensic IT expertise as well as Labour Relations knowledge and expertise.

We also draft standard operating procedures (‘SOP’s) that effectively govern the activities of your organisation’s forensic unit.

For our training services for forensic practitioners, please refer to our technical training under Forensic Related Training.

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