Anonymous Fraud Hotline Reporting Service

The need for the service

According to the preamble of the Protected Disclosures Act, No 26 of 2000 (‘Whistle-Blowing Act’), the reason for the enactment of the Act was that:

  • Every employee has a responsibility to disclose criminal and any other irregular conduct in the workplace; and
  • Every employer has a responsibility to take all necessary steps to ensure that employees who disclose such information are protected from any reprisals as a result of such disclosures.

Understood and applied effectively, this will help to deter and detect wrongdoing and act as an early warning mechanism to prevent impropriety and corruption within the public and private sector.

To this end, an anonymous fraud reporting facility is an indispensable tool in combating unethical behaviour in any organization.

Scope of our service offering

Nexus Forensics is a 51% shareholder in the company The Vuvuzela Hotline (Pty) Ltd, with the other 49% shares held by the Chartered Accountant Firm SAB&T Inc.

The directors of The Vuvuzela Hotline (Pty) Ltd are Werner Bouwer, Mary-Anne Whittles (Nexus Forensic Services’ Directors) and Bashier Adams (Director, SAB&T Inc).

Our hotline service offering complies with international benchmarks and local regulatory prescripts (i.e. as contained in the companies Act, the Protected Disclosures Act and King III).

For more information, please visit The Vuvuzela Hotline

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