Forensic Investigation Services

Scope of our service offering

We investigate any alleged or suspected fraud / corruption / criminal conduct / misconduct.

Synonyms for ‘nexus’ include focal point of connection, series, linking of things. These synonyms represent the initial verification stage of an investigation; where a suspicion is brought to an organization’s attention.

The next step is the actual investigation and fact-finding stage. Some of the descriptions for ‘nexus’ that are synonymous with this phase are: explanation, justification, clue and interpretation.

This then leads to the final phase, which includes uncovering the links, connections and correlation between the allegation / suspicion and the role-players; clarifying the sequence of events; articulating the often very intricate storyline and timeline of the alleged or suspected conduct; and finally locating an answer which can take the form of legal action (either criminal, civil, disciplinary and/or recovery procedures), and ultimately providing our client with practical and effective means of correction and prevention.

The cogency of the evidence resulting from our investigations has more often than not resulted in suspects not contesting it, and rather resigning (if the investigation results in a disciplinary hearing), pleading guilty (regulatory hearings and criminal prosecutions), or settling (civil disputes).

Our investigations are, without exception, accurate, complete, and seen to be independent and objective.

With our experience, we know where to look and what to look for to find the truth, and to present them in an orderly fashion to our clients.

Our proven methodology

  • We find evidence answering the questions who, what, why, when & how.
  • Who was involved in the alleged or suspected criminal offence / misconduct?
  • What actions were committed by the perpetrator(s) to commit the alleged or suspected criminal offence / misconduct?
  • How did the perpetrator(s) do it?
  • When did the perpetrator(s) do it?
  • Why did the perpetrator(s) do it, or otherwise put – how did they get away with it (what are the control weaknesses, what should be done to rectify it etc).

The scope of an investigation

No two investigations are exact in nature and scope. Each investigation requires specific expertise, which is determined by the nature of the allegations / suspicions, the regulatory framework of the client, and the possible places where evidence can be hidden.

When confronted with suspicions / allegations, we staff each investigation with the appropriate specialist expertise (whether it be legal / accounting / purely investigation / auditing / cyber crime / forensic data analysis / intelligence) etc. This provides assurance to our clients that we will achieve our objectives quickly and accurately.

Our track record

Completed project details with client references will be made available on request.

Please contact us for more information.

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