Drafting of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Policies

The need for the service

Although it is imperative to ‘walk the talk’ of zero tolerance, any organization must also have policies and procedures to combat unethical behaviour, not only from a legal point of view but also best practice.

These policies / strategies must at least be:

  • Easy to implement and understand
  • Unambiguous; and
  • Comply with legislation applicable to that organization’s specific regulatory framework.

Scope of our service offering

We provide the following services:

  • Critical assessment of existing policies and procedures to determine its efficacy in combating unethical behaviour, and compliance with best practices and your regulatory framework; and
  • Drafting of new policies and procedures, achieving the same objectives as mentioned above.

Documents we draft under this service offering include:

  • A whistle-blowing policy
  • Code of Conduct and disciplinary proceedings
  • Code of Ethics
  • A Fraud & Corruption Prevention Policy and/or Strategy
  • Implementation Plans of policies, procedures and strategies
  • Awareness strategies relating to ethical behaviour; and
  • A Fraud & Corruption Response Plan.
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